B3 All in Campaign


B3 ALL IN campaign is the largest client acquisition event for barre3 launching every January. This creative concept centered around harnessing the radiant "glow" that follows a barre3 workout, capturing this essence in a national campaign that supported over 130 franchise studios across the USA. Collaborating with Rafael Astorga, our photos encapsulated this ethereal blue iridescent glow, breathing life into the campaign imagery.

The deliverables for this extensive campaign were diverse and comprehensive, including but not limited to: Toolkits, printed tracking board, large vinyl wall decals for in-studio displays, In Studio posters (11x17), Retail posters (6x9), blog headrs, email banners, multichannel social media posts, printed backdrops for props, apparel, exercise gifs featuring postures, tailored marketing packages for franchisees, digital booklet. 

This expansive range of deliverables ensured a robust and visually compelling presence across various platforms, enriching the barre3 experience for participants while promoting the campaign's message throughout the franchise network.

Creative Director, Designer

Photographer: Rafael Astorga
Marketing Manager: Tracey Wyres
Producer: Alex Drive, Anne Potter
Art Director: Madeline Chandler
Copy Writer: Beth Collins
Designer: Jaclyn Hudak

Web Presence

A dedicated webpage was developed to facilitate client registration and progress tracking throughout the campaign period. Throughout the month, a series of blog posts were published, reinforcing the three core pillars of the brand. To supplement these blog posts, smaller-scale photoshoots were conducted, generating additional visual content to support the blog narratives. Testimonials served as a significant focal point and core element of this campaign, weaving a compelling thread throughout the content to authentically showcase the impact and experiences of participants.


An extensive influencer campaign was initiated to bolster support for the overall campaign. Each influencer's content phtoos and videos were submitted to us for approval, allowing us to review and suggest any necessary iterations or adjustments before finalizing the materials.


For this campaign, we equipped each studio with a versatile two-sided poster that could be easily refreshed and updated throughout the month. This approach allowed our studios the flexibility to showcase different campaign elements or messages on each side of the poster, ensuring that the visuals remained dynamic and aligned with the evolving narrative of the campaign as it progressed. 



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