In the rebranding of the Back Body Project, I developed a concept that drew inspiration from the brand's original DNA, which was mirrored in the logo. The approach was rooted in music, evoking a retro yet modern vibe with elements of strength, spray paint, street art, and athleticism. Embracing a black-and-white base, we infused colored imagery with vibrant pops of neon, crafting a visually compelling and robust aesthetic. As part of the brand's relaunch, we revamped templates for email and social media, offering a fresh and updated look for these communication channels.  

Creative Director, UX/UI, Designer

Marketing Lead: Tracey Wyres 
Developer: Bo Carlson


We executed a complete overhaul of the website, migrating it to an entirely new platform and integrating it with their live workout portal. Each webpage was meticulously crafted to align with specific business goals, ensuring that its design seamlessly meshed with the overall rebranding strategy. This approach aimed to not only revamp the visual appeal but also optimize the site's functionality in line with the broader objectives of the rebrand.


Alongside the platform launch, we introduced a fresh set of email designs and templates. These were meticulously crafted with a user-friendly structure, enabling the owner to easily utilize and repurpose the templates for upcoming marketing campaigns. the site's functionality in line with the broader objectives of the rebrand.


In line with our email revamp, we also standardized and reconstructed our approach to social media, creating templates that granted the social media manager greater ease in future content creation. While streamlining the process, we retained the essence of the owner's authentic communication style, ensuring that the content remained true to their personality and resonated authentically with their audience. This allowed for a smoother workflow while preserving the genuine connection with their followers.



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