When establishing and nurturing the Modern Adventure brand over a span of more than four years, my primary objective was to immerse people in diverse cultures, drawing inspiration from powerful imagery and typography. Crafting marketing materials that mirrored the elevated price point of the experiences while staying authentic to the destinations and local partners was crucial. The marketing collateral was designed to match the thoughtfulness of the curated experiences themselves. The UI/UX aimed for simplicity yet retained an element of surprise. We weaved personal narratives into the fabric of the brand to create a deeper resonance, ensuring that each element contributed to a sense of connection and significance.

Here's a list of designs I developed during my tenure at Modern Adventure: Business cards, employee handbook, coasters, luggage tags, email templates, social media templates, marketing videos, multiple webpage designs, candles, promotional booklets, magazine ads, postcards, stickers, photobooks, and more. 

Creative Director, UX/UI Designer

Writers: Arlo Voorhees, Elliot Matson, Robert Reid
Designer: Sarah Auslund
Illustrator: Cassandra Swan
Developer: Sam Templeman 

You can view the live site here.


Modern Adventure received notable features in various publications, collaborating with renowned brands such as Backpacker Magazine. Additionally, the brand seized a brand-building opportunity by being included in a National Geographic publication.


A multitude of email templates were developed, encompassing standard formats alongside newsletters. Among our outreach strategies, the most successful was an interactive decision tree shared via email and social media. This resource aided consumers in pinpointing the ideal trip tailored to their preferences, garnering significant engagement and traction.


In a collaborative effort with artist Cassandra Swan, an illustration system was devised. This system focused on capturing three distinctive moments from a Modern Adventure experience, highlighting the cities or significant regions featured in the trip. The illustrations were grounded in a textured gold country base, offering a visual anchor to the artwork. When a destination was visited repeatedly, one or more of the three illustrations underwent replacement, ensuring a dynamic representation reflecting the evolving nature of the experiences. 

Social Media

Our collaboration extended to working closely with each Tastemaker's Marketing team. Together, we crafted dynamic marketing assets that resonated authentically with their specific channels while maintaining alignment with our brand's essence.


Leveraging the content from each trip, we crafted individual postcards for every experience. These postcards were tailored specifically to be showcased within the physical locations of our tastemakers or brand partners. This approach aimed to provide a tangible and evocative representation of each Modern Adventure, enhancing the in-person connection with our audience at brick-and-mortar establishments.

Social  Teases

Modern Adventure adopted an exclusive discount strategy, offering discounts solely during the annual Black Friday event. To heighten the sense of urgency and engagement, a countdown clock was prominently displayed on the website. This tactic aimed to instill a compelling sense of time sensitivity among visitors. The campaign centered around an abstract yet captivating theme of "Out of this World Experience," allowing for the spotlighting of multiple trips within this overarching concept. This strategic approach successfully distinguished Modern Adventure amidst the noise of concurrent travel sales during this highly competitive period.


While on a Modern Adventure in Greece, I journeyed to the destination specifically to serve as the on-site photographer. After the trip, I curated an album that was made available for download, aiming to encapsulate both the authentic essence of the destination and the memorable moments shared by the guests throughout the journey. Imagery was also in turn used for Modern Adventure marketing materials.



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