Paragon curates the finest in culinary, creative, and cultural travel encounters, meticulously crafted by Luminaries who epitomize excellence in their respective fields. 

The UI/UX concept aimed to present the trips as exhibits in an art gallery, each one embodying a singular, extraordinary journey. My intention was to evoke a sense of exclusivity and intrigue. Given the starting price points of $50,000, the presentation needed to mirror a luxurious and elite experience. 

You can view the live website here.

Creative Director, UX/UI, Designer

Editor & Writer: Arlo Vorhees 
Designer: Sarah Auslund
Illustrator: Cassandra Swan
Video Editor: George Goodell
Social Media Content: Daria Marchuk 


Paragon was realized under the guidance of Modern Adventure. Throughout the branding phase, my aim was to infuse the brand with an elevated essence while maintaining a sense of familiarity with Modern Adventure's style and ethos.


The core concept involved incorporating destination-specific scenes within each illustration's window. The primary focus of the illustration was to capture the highlighted moments unique to each trip. Certain illustrations incorporated subtle elements of motion, serving as a clever design touch to enhance the overall impact and create an additional moment of wonder.


We crafted invitation videos for each experience, tailored for sharing within private groups or across various marketing channels. These videos serve as invitations to join the experience, showcasing select special moments that participants could anticipate and share during the trips. 


Each Luminary received supplementary marketing teases aligned with the various phases of the website's launch. These teasers were designed to build anticipation and curiosity leading up to the full website and trip unveilings. Additionally, they were provided with still imagery for utilization in their marketing emails and across diverse marketing platforms.


France with Dom Perignon

Italy with Bobby Stuckey


Before the launch of Paragon, Modern Adventure and Singlethread organized a press event in Sonoma, California. Spanning four days, this immersive experience was meticulously designed to mirror a future Paragon trip in Sonoma, offering a glimpse into what guests could expect from such a journey.



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