From the rugged and adventurous to the sophisticated and sublime, from family escapes to multi-generational celebrations, MO/AD Private Departures are a canvas to explore the world.

I wanted the branding to reflect the adventurous nature, sophistication of price point and deep and rich cultural moments that are shared during the experiences. These are extremely specialized and every detail was considered while creating the Private Departures branding.

You can view the live site here.

The website was designed to be an immersive journey, beginning with a captivating splash page. Its user interface features a guiding line that directs your focus across the webpage, creating a seamless flow. Arched typography and cutout image collages serve as surprising elements, adding a playful and sophisticated dimension to the website's structure, delivering an unexpected yet refined aesthetic.


In collaboration with the debut of Private Departures, we crafted a comprehensive travel booklet showcasing all available destinations. As an added touch, we partnered with Maak Lab in Portland, Oregon, to create a bespoke scent and candle specifically for this occasion, which we included within the gift boxes.

Oaxaca Private Depatures

While on a private departure in Oaxaca, we curated a travel guide tailored to the experience. In addition, we designed custom Mezcal Tasting notes and crafted unique labels for the mezcal bottles, adding an exclusive touch to the journey.



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