The "How to Deep Clean Your Shoes" blog initiative stood out due to our collaboration with a local sneaker enthusiast and business owner, whose space became the backdrop for our video content. Partnering with this influencer not only bolstered traffic but also increased engagement. In a unique twist, the owner prompted their audience to share the wildest ways people had gotten their shoes dirty, resulting in humorous and relatable anecdotes shared within the video. Another contributor in this video was an adidas shoe designer, reinforcing adidas' expertise within the film. This strategy infused a personable and engaging dimension into the content, amplifying its attractiveness and cultivating a stronger rapport with the audience. Notably, the content's distinctiveness lay in our interviews with three adidas employees for the "expert panel," fostering a more profound and intimate connection with the material.

Vidoes, still imagery, gifs, email and performance marketing were the assets created for this blog post.

Sr. Art Director

Art Director: Katie Beasley
Copy Writer: Tajah Ware
Behind the Scenes: Sparkman
Footage & Edit: Corey Rood
Designer: Ashley Sohn
Producer: Martine Nash

Web Presence

This particular project deviated from the standard adidas blog format as it wasn't intended for placement on the adidas blog itself. Instead, it was designed as a standalone webpage featured exclusively on The intent behind updating the content was to offer a refreshing take on a successful adidas topic, providing a dynamic and focused experience for visitors directly through the brand's main website.


To enhance the visual appeal and depth of the original footage, we captured Behind-the-Scenes camcorder content, intending to add an authentic and textured feel alongside the primary footage. Additionally, we introduced risograph illustrations into the mix, creating supplementary textures that enriched the overall visual narrative.  


The GIFs were strategically embedded within the article to complement the accompanying copy and offer explicit step-by-step guidance for users aiming to clean their shoes. This visual aid served as a practical and dynamic tool, enhancing the user experience.



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